Thursday, 1 January 2009

Hello! Pleased to meet you...

Welcome to the blog of the Sugarbomb Bakery.

Allow me to introduce myself...
I'm Beks and I've been baking for a long time. I think it's safe to say that I'd rather be baking than doing almost anything else.
For me the best thing about baking is suprising someone with a freshly baked and decorated cupcake. They are always met with delight.
What is it about cupcakes and in fact other home baked products that can reduce people to giddiness? I always write "made with love from the Sugarbomb Bakery" on the packaging so may it could be the love...?

I love cakes, cookies, brownies, well in fact I like most baked goodies.
My favourite cupcake is a chocolate one with chocolate or coffee frosting.

I have to say that despite going through gallons of vanilla extract a year, I hate vanilla. Vanilla buttercream and vanilla cake are a nightmare for me. That is definately one cupcake I can refuse. Unless I'm making them into mini Victoria sponges or cherry butterfly cakes.
I have no problems with making vanilla cake - it seems to be the most popular flavour and lets face it, it is an easy cake to make. It's a good thing for me though, I'm not tempted to nibble. It is so hard to be a baker on a diet!

I'm not a photography buff, most of the pictures taken of cupcakes are on my mobile phone. I try and remember to use my Nikon but my mobile is usually closer to hand.

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