Monday, 30 March 2009

Jack's Christening

Not much to say really. It was my nephew Jack's christening. My sister Daniella asked for some cupcakes. There were 18 chocolate and 18 vanilla cakes all topped with BLUE buttercream and a white J. They are blue not green. Ok slight problem with the fact that buttercream is essentially cream coloured not white and when you add liquid blue food colouring it goes greeney. I've ordered some gel blue food colouring so I hope that will rectify this.

My other nephew Kaius was very happy to model a cupcake.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

60th Birthday Cupcakes

One of the ladies at work is on a really strict diet. When it was time to order the comic relief cupcakes she asked me if I could make some for her dad's 60th birthday party instead. All of them would be chocolate but some of them would have to be very low fat.
First I tried a non-fat sponge recipe but it made really rubbery cakes. In the end I thought that the best thing to would be to make a low fat muffin instead. They didn't work out very well as I forgot to add the sugar - a D'OH! moment if ever there was one!

She'd asked me to make chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, an adult chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and the low fat chocolate with chocolate frosting. I used a lower fat butter for all the chocolate buttercream but because it wasn't as firm, I ended up having to use more icing sugar to get it to a piping consistency. I think I'm going back to normal butter.

It was the adult chocolate cakes that I was most impressed with. Does the picture give you a clue?
I found a recipe for Jack Daniels chocolate velvet cake. They made really squidgy cupcakes. Despite having 3 shots of Jack Daniels in the recipe, they didn't really taste of it but you could definitely smell the alcohol in the cakes.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Networking Cupcakes.

My friend Nadia is obsessed with my peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes. When I open my own bakery I'm naming them after her! Nadia's time as the co-ordinator for her network-business-breakfast-type-thing is coming to an end so she asked me to make up some of her favourites to take in to the meeting.

Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and Slattery's strawberry chocolate buttons.

Chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting with Hersey's swirled peanut butter and chocolate chips.

There is a cupcakery in the same town that we both live in. I was both absolutely gutted and delighted in equal measure when it opened. Gutted because I still dreamed of being the first cupcakery in the area and delighted because a cupcakery had opened up near us. I can recommend their raspberry cupcake topped with mascapone frosting.

Nadia would say "I went to the cupcakery today - I was weak!" It was always for one of the chocolate peanut butter ones. Then she would say "They're not as good as yours though!" It never fails to make me happy and now that they've changed the frosting my friend has given them up altogether. Yay! It just means that my mobile has turned into the chocolate peanut butter cupcake hotline... How can I not name this cupcake after her?

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Cupcakes for Comedy!

Comic Relief is coming.
Please buy some cupcakes from me.
All profit will be donated to Comic Relief.
Choose from:
Cookies and cream

All cakes topped with vanilla buttercream and a red" nose".

Please contact me for an order form.

I shall also be answering your telephone calls in a Comic Relief call centre when you ring up to donate on the night of Comic Relief on the 13th of March. Please give generously!

edit (27th March 2009)
WOW! I raised a massive £140 for comic relief on cupcakes alone!
My final total on the telephone was in the region of £1850.

Thank you to everyone who bought cupcakes and for those people who donated through the phone - thank you too!

Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream and a red strawberry nose