Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Networking Cupcakes.

My friend Nadia is obsessed with my peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes. When I open my own bakery I'm naming them after her! Nadia's time as the co-ordinator for her network-business-breakfast-type-thing is coming to an end so she asked me to make up some of her favourites to take in to the meeting.

Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and Slattery's strawberry chocolate buttons.

Chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting with Hersey's swirled peanut butter and chocolate chips.

There is a cupcakery in the same town that we both live in. I was both absolutely gutted and delighted in equal measure when it opened. Gutted because I still dreamed of being the first cupcakery in the area and delighted because a cupcakery had opened up near us. I can recommend their raspberry cupcake topped with mascapone frosting.

Nadia would say "I went to the cupcakery today - I was weak!" It was always for one of the chocolate peanut butter ones. Then she would say "They're not as good as yours though!" It never fails to make me happy and now that they've changed the frosting my friend has given them up altogether. Yay! It just means that my mobile has turned into the chocolate peanut butter cupcake hotline... How can I not name this cupcake after her?

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