Monday, 18 October 2010

Vanilla Blue Velvet

A few months ago my sister had a baby shower for a boy and asked for a blue themed cake. I didn't want to go with a generic blue cake so I went with this:

No t very blue I know but just wait until you cut into it.

It's a blue velvet cake with a middle tier od vanilla sponge all sandwiched with black cherry conserve and vanilla butter cream. All covered in a thick layer of vanilla buttercream. This isn't the actual one from the baby shower, that one was a lot bigger. This cake is turning out to be very popular and I have made it a coupole of times now. I thought the blue colour would be completetly off putting but it seems to have gone done very well.

For anyone unsure of blue velvet cake, it's a colour change take on a American classic Red Velvet cake. It's a very soft buttermilk cake flavoured with cocoa and vanilla. It's traditionally topped with cream cheese frosting.

By the way, the professional cake pictures were taken by Dan Stone at his studio (more on that later). See for details.

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