Saturday, 12 September 2009

Red birthday

I have red hands. Last night I baked a 13th birthday cake with cupcakes to match. I was really nervous about it. I don't make big cakes - there's too much to go wrong. Like getting the red dye all over my hands! Well I'll have to see how the birthday boy likes it. Fingers crossed! Haziq did ask for a Liverpool Football Club cake but red and white is the closest I could get. I tried to get a Steven Gerrard football figure yesterday to put on the cake but I came up with a blank. It's hard to buy Liverpool themed stuff in Manchester!

It's vanilla sponge with white chocolate chips, a layer of vanilla and white chocolate frosting in the middle and red frosting on the top and sides. The cupcakes are either vanilla or chocolate with white chocolate chips and red or white vanilla frosting.

The smaller cupcakes with the yellow cases are lemon diabetic cupcakes. Wish I could get hold of some diabetic/artificial icing sugar. Then I could make better frosting. I used Candarel for the sugar substitute in the cake and frosting, I found it quite weird to cook with - I use the same recipe for all my cupcakes but the texture came out different, slightly heavier. This is the second batch of diabetic cupcakes - the first were a bit scone like. I think I'll try Splenda as a sugar substitute next time and see how that goes.

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