Friday, 15 January 2010

Inspiration to keep on baking!

This blog was about the be consigned to the internet ether, just before Christmas I'd decided to give up baking. I had a couple of bad orders and I was no closer to my bakery dreams. I'd spent a lot of money on ingredients and had nothing to show for it. I'd told my friend Nadia (Mrs. G) that that was it, no more!

The picture above was her response. The print is a special Cakespy creation that was ordered by Nadia for me for a Christmas present. According to Nadia, I'm the Cupcake Queen. Check out the writing on the crown!

It really made me so happy. So I guess I'll carry on baking but I'm not going overboard like I did last year and this year I'm going to try to make more than just cupcakes. I've been reliably informed that they were so 2009. Well, I don't buy it, I think cupcakes are here to stay but I do want to try baking more things. I make darn good cookies - keep tuned for a feature soon!

Just one more thing - thank you Nadia! (This is why she gets free cupcakes for life!)


Fiona Bianchi said...

YAY! Glad you're going to keep baking :) And I think cupcakes are timeless :D

Anonymous said...

The world is a better place with your baking Beks! As if we would have let you stop making those awesome cupcakes!)

Mrs G xx

Amanda said...

Yeah!! A renewed sense of hope and inspiration can do wonders!