Saturday, 30 January 2010

PB and Mrs G (part 1)

You may have heard that my mate Mrs G has a real peanut butter and chocolate weakness. So here are some chocolate cookies that I made for her. Don't they look boring.

But hold on... break one open!
They're awesome peanut butter and chocolate cookies with a peanut butter frosting filling.

I copied the recipe from a website about a gazillion years ago and i don't know where from. I know it was an American baking blog but that's all I know. Whoever came up with these - thank you!

What are these! Chocolates?
I admit they're not very professional looking. I'm not great with the chocolate finish on chocolates. But gosh they tasted nice. And in keeping with the theme...
Remember the peanut butter cookies from a few posts ago? Well I turned them into truffles. I usually make them into truffle lollipops but the mixture was too soft and fell off the sticks.

So there you have it. There will be more more episode of PB and Mrs G to follow in the next couple of weeks. I just hope that I don't over do it. I don't think our friendship will survive if I turn her off peanut butter! Nah, never happen (I hope)!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha - it is simply not possible to turn me off peanut butter and chocolate!!