Monday, 1 February 2010

Competition Time (part 1)

Would you like to win cake? Of course you would.

This is the cupcake for two. Either as a cake to share or just more cake for one person. To win one all you have to do is leave a comment telling me who you would share the cupcake with.

Please include your email address at the end of the comment so that I can contact you. Winners will be chosen randomly by the end of the 6th February.

I'm really sorry but the competition will be only open to people who live in easy deliverable distance of Manchester city centre, United Kingdom.

Good luck. Part 2 will be on the 8th February.

I really enjoyed reading the comments on who you would like to share your cupcake with. I'll use a random number generator to select the TWO winners (

Comment 7 - Godders1210

Comment 4 - Chris

I seriously want you all to have cupcakes. This is why I had to up it to two winners. But as promised there will be other competitions coming up!


Simon Carter said...

I keep coming back to Mata Hari. Shot as a spy in WWI, dying words purported to be "a harlot yes, a traitor-never!". Seems like a fascinating woman and I'd love to learn more over delicious confection! :)

meriel lawson said...

I would share my cake with my bestest friend in the whole world...Miss R Alexander!!! creep..creep..hahahahahahahahahahaha. love ya. xxxx

lincoln lawson said...

I would share my cake with my friend theo j to cheer him up because his dog has just died her name was sascha.

(lincoln wrote this all by himself!)

Chris said...

Easy peasy question :-) Given my hubby's love of cake and our joint love of your amazing cupcakes, it would have to be my hubby because I love him so much - and yes, I know that's really soppy of me!!

Anonymous said...

I give it to my twins to share........double trouble...twice the joy.

heidivodka said...

I would share them with my brother if I could, he had just a sweet a tooth as me :) x

Godders1210 said...

I wouldn't share my cake with anyone because they look delicious and there's no point in pretending anyone else would get a look in ;-)

PDC said...

Billie Piper

Julie C said...

I would eat it all myself, that looks amazing!

Michael Scott Design said...

I would give my half and the other half to jedward if they promise never to reease another single with vanilla icing (cake joke=lame).

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