Monday, 8 February 2010

Competition Time (part 2)

I have wanted to make iced vanilla sugar cookies for ages. It seems everyone is going on about them. I've noticed them even cropping up in a few select bakeries in the UK too. There are some gorgeous examples out there of beautifully decorated biscuits. These are my first attempt and while they're not gorgeous, I certainly think they're cute. Just for the record, I did cheat. I didn't ice them in the traditional way, I just coloured some fondant and fixed the cut outs to the cookies. The pink ribbon cookies are a present for someone.

Little vanilla cookies

Medium vanilla cookies

Medium and large vanilla cookies
Small, medium and large vanilla cookies

The recipe was quite simple but the dough was really difficult to work with. I'm not going to post the recipe because I'm going to try and find a better one and do them again.

So competition time then.
Well I made far too many so the prize is the big sugar co0kie, four medium cookies and five small cookies. I've wrapped them in cellophane to keep them fresh.
The winner will be chosen at random on Thursday evening so that I can deliver them on Friday in time for Valentine's day.

I would like you to leave a comment on the blog telling me what your favourite flavour of sugar cookie would be. I personally dislike vanilla so I was considering making them almond flavoured.

Please note that we'll need to meet in Manchester sometime on Friday to pick these up.


Meriel lawson said...

My favourite flavour would be squirrel and hedgehog flavoured, with a cinnamon and tadpole dip!

Pb said...

Mint chocolate!

Simon Carter said...

Ooooh that would be cinnamon, and could I have it in a Moebius shape? ;)