Friday, 19 February 2010

Latest order.

This week I have had two orders. To be honest this post is more about the pictures of cupcakes.

One was for a friend who was taking them down to Norfolk to a party.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with a chocolate heart.

The good old Mrs G - chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and topped with Reese's Pieces

The cookies and cream deluxe - Cookies and cream cake, with an oreo at the bottom. Topped with vanilla buttercream, an oreo, more buttercream and an M & M. The one in the middle is a cookies and cream deluxe +1, which has a chocolate covered oreo and hides a layer of chocolate buttercream too.

Rocky Road - chocolate cake with chocolate frosting topped with marshmallows, brazil nuts, malteasers and chocolate bar bits then drizzled with chocolate.
The second order was a surprise tweet that asked if I could do some animal cupcakes. It was my first attempt at animals although I have done Sesame street characters. I was really impressed with the dog more than the others. I think I need to work on the panda.

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